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The Gilberts, Matt and Jessica, began their farm in 2020, and started out growing 1 type of hay on 13 acres and has grown to 60 acres of hay in the last 4 years. Jessica started out with her own business JP Superior Services in 2016 taking care of all sorts of animals for people when they traveled for business, pleasure or even emergencies. Matt, works a full time job as a mechanic, but enjoyed taking care of the animals and the outside lifestyle so much, that when the opportunity to get their own farm came up, they couldn't pass it up. They are so excited for all the possibilities the farm has to offer!

Currently they are producing 3 types of hay and offering pasture board with a run in. Temporary boarding is also an option if you are camping nearby, or just passing thru the area and the horses need overnight rest and a pit stop. The farm is also producing a vast variety of vegetables, pumpkins, gourds, flowers, etc.

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